Guided Saltwater Charters

Guided Saltwater Charters

Your guide, Skip Fabry has over 36 years experience fishing and boating in Southeast Alaska. He enjoys watching people experiencing wildlife up close, and especially catching large fish.

As one of the longest established Guides on the Prince of Wales Island, he is a skilled fisherman and accomplished at making your Alaskan wilderness adventure successful and exciting. Skip is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard, Licensed by the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game, CPR Certified, insured and certified as a Transporter by the State of Alaska. He also has an Outfitter’s Permit from the U.S. Forest Service.

To date, some of the lodge records are

330 lb. Halibut caught on a light weight salmon pole with 30 lb. test line
60 ½ lb. King Salmon
18.4 lb. Silver Salmon
56 lb. Ling Cod


3 Days fishing, 4 Nights lodging,

2 Person Rate $2185/person
3 Person Rate $2130/person
4 Person Rate $2085/person
5-6 Person Rate $2000/person (2 suites)
Extra day $440/person

We are proud to offer any active member of the military a 10% discount.

The guided package includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Lodging in a Seaside Suite or the Log Home
  2. Continental breakfast and a sack lunch on board
  3. Transportation to your evening meal
  4. Up to 11 hours of fishing, shrimping and setting crab pots
  5. Rods, reels and bait
  6. Your catch cleaned, cut, vacuum packed, boxed and frozen
  7. Fly to or from Ketchikan and the opposite travel will be by ferry, or both ways by ferry
  8. Memories that will last a life time

If you have a favorite rod and reel, bring it.

*Early reservations are suggested. Our resort can accommodate groups up to 16 people. Families and family reunions are welcome.

* Children under 12 yrs. of age are discounted 10%.

* Please call if you have any special needs.

If this sounds like something that sparks your interest, give us a call.

Our guests fish for rod busting King Salmon, reel screaming Coho Salmon, barn door Alaskan Halibut. Tenacious ling cod are often brought to the surface with a fish superior in size, in their mouth. This is called a bottom fish bonus. Catch all of these along with delicious rock fish, from the deck of our stable diesel powered 34′ f/v ISLAND SKIPPER.

Southeast Alaska’s waters offer all five species of salmon. This terrific saltwater fishery is within a 90 min. run from our dock, with the Spanish named islands offering a backdrop to the chrome bright lunkers you will be pulling aboard. Looking eastward, you will see the snow capped peaks just behind the resort on the Prince of Wales Island. They jet right up from the sea and are as spectacular as the fishing! We fish light to medium St Croix Rods fitted with Penn Reels and yards of line for those big bad boys and gals who like to run. This adds to the thrill and excitement and offers our guests heart pounding fun. If you have a favorite rod and reel, bring it. On your request, we will set and pull shrimp and crab pots. These shellfish can be packed with your finfish catch.

Join us this summer and give your group the opportunity to set some new lodge records, maybe even a state record. Many days successful fishing trips are not measured in the number of fish, but the hundreds of pounds of fish brought back to the dock or released.